V8 Simulator

Our V8 simulator is as close as you can get to driving a real V8 race car, and we’re ready to rock your world right now. It’s a white knuckle ride without the repair bill!

From the embarrassment of a stall on the grid, to doing 290km/h down conrod straight in our V8 simulator, you are right there where the action is!

The inside of our V8 simulator is fitted out just like the real thing, with race seats and a full roll cage. You can hear the sound of over 650 horsepower blasting through the surround sound system, and you can feel the twitching of the car at every turn and bump on the track.

On-lookers can view the external video monitor to watch the intense concentration on the drivers face as he/she battles with the demanding circuits you can drive in our V8 simulator. (Though at times, it can be a crack-up!)

Are you and your team up to the challenge? Get ready for race day.

From private parties and Christmas functions, to corporate product launches or customer appreciation events, our V8 Supercar Simulator can be used for almost any promotional activity, and is available right now.

Whatever the occasion there is no better way to entertain your clients and guests than to have them interacting with one another and racing in our V8 simulator.

Until you drive it you can’t completely understand it, but once you’re bitten you have to come back.” It’s the ultimate confidence boosting, hair-raising, white knuckle ride!

Our prices for 2 hot laps are as follows;

  • Pukekohe Raceway $10 for a driver and $2 for a passenger
  • Bathurst is $15 for a driver and $3 for a passenger.

We’re ready IF you are…

V8 Simulator