The Formula E Guarantee

Some of our competitors feel the need to berate our karts and describe them as being “overweight battery laden toys”. In other cases they claim to have the “Fastest licenced karts in Auckland”, or that they have checked out all their other options (Electric, LPG etc) and that nothing comes close to the karts they’ve chosen.

Overweight …… yes they may be heavier, but that doesn’t slow them down, it actually helps them handle better
Battery laden …… yes they are, but that’s only because it’s the BATTERIES THAT MAKE THEM GO!!!!

No other Indoor Karts in NZ have a top speed of 90km/h – the fact that we are not allowed to do it is beyond our control, however with no clutch to worry about, they drive harder through the corners, and accelerate quicker on the straights.

Petrol and LPG powered better than electric? We seriously doubt it – with no clutch, pistons, valves, carburettors, spark plugs or timing to worry about, our karts with only 1 moving part either go or they don’t…….and they’re all the same performance-wise. No “Dogs” in this fleet, so everyone is on an even footing, making for some excellent racing.

We will not berate our competitors or their karts, however………..

We are so confident that you’ll find our European designed, factory built race karts to be so much more, than “overweight battery laden toys”, that we are offering you the chance to come to try for yourself, on us – FREE….. ZIP…… ZILCH…… NADA – The Formula E Guarantee.

That’s right, 5 free laps to experience what real clutch free, high torque, fume free acceleration is like, and if you don’t like them after 5 laps, just return to the pits for a full refund, and know that at worst, you’ve wasted only 5 minutes of your life (though we doubt that too).

So don’t listen to the rumours, or the misinformation. Come see for yourself, what every, yes every visitor to our facility has found out so far……..these karts are not toys.

  • They are clean
  • They are fast

Some of our pleasantly surprised and satisfied drivers include –

  • Jonny Reid – A1GP, Porsche GT3 Cup
  • Shane Van Gisbergen – V8 Supercars
  • Andy Booth – NZ V8 Supertourers
  • Angus Fogg – NZ V8 Supertourers
  • Johnny MacIntyre – NZV8 Supertourers
  • James (Huggie) Urqhart – V8 Stunt Utes
  • Glen Inkster – 4 times NZ Targa winner
  • Michael Pickens – Multiple NZ Midget Champion
  • “Racing” Ray Williams – Dunlop Targa, NZ Landspeed Record 1996, NZ Classics
  • Fabian Coulthard – V8 Supercars
  • Dave Reynolds – V8 Supercars

The list goes on……………

And don’t forget……………………..just before you leave, take a long, deep breath……

Just so you remember what clean, fresh air smells like!!!!!!!!!