1. Interpretation

1.1 In these Terms:

“Company” means Formula E Indoor Raceway

“Customer” means the purchaser of Goods and/or Services from the Company.

“Goods” means all goods sold and/or delivered by the Company to the Customer.

‘Services” shall have a corresponding meaning

“Terms” means these terms and conditions of sale.

2. Application

2.1 These Terms apply to all contracts for the sale of Goods and / or Services by the Company.

2.2 No amendment, alteration, waiver or cancellation of any of these Terms is binding on the Company unless confirmed by the Company in writing.

2.3 The Customer acknowledges that no employee or agent of the Company has any right to make any representation, warranty or promise in relation to the Goods/Services or the sale of the Goods/Services by the Company other than as contained in these Terms.

3. Redemption

3.1 All voucher redemption shall be at the sole discretion of the Company.

3.2 Promotional vouchers cannot be redeemed on weekends or Public Holidays without the express consent of Formula E. This DOES NOT APPLY to vouchers purchased directly from Formula E and which also have NO expiry date.

3.3 If the Customer fails to redeem any voucher on the agreed date, and at the agreed time, or fails to notify the Company of any such  cancellation at least 48 hours before the agreed date and time, then the Company may terminate this contract, retain the deposit and resell the booking.

3.4 Any failure on the part of the Company to deliver Goods/Services within any specified time does not entitle the Customer to repudiate the contract with regard to the balance remaining undelivered.

4. Prices

4.1 Prices are determined at the time of order and, prior to payment of the deposit, may be subject to change without notice.

5. Payment

5.1 Payments are to be made to the Company without any deduction or discount other than as stated in these Terms or in the relevant invoice or statement. Payments by credit card will incur a fee of 2.1%, as charged by the credit card institution. Payments for Group Events must be made in one payment.

5.2 A deposit of 50% of the invoice price must be paid when placing an order.

5.3 The balance of the invoice price must be paid in full before redemption of any goods/services.

5.4 Interest is payable on all overdue accounts calculated on a daily basis at the rate of 1.5% per month as from the date due for payment until payment is received by the Company.

5.5 Where a Le Mans race format is booked, and this is subsequently changed to a different format with fewer than 48 hours notice, a surcharge of $60 will be required, to cover the additional staffing.

5.6 When hiring the function room, the minimum charge is $130 for 2 hours,  and a refundable cleaning bond of $50 if the room is left in a tidy manner, as found, and there has been no damage or breakage.

6. Change of terms and Conditions

6.1 The Company reserves the right to change or alter these Terms and Conditions without notice.

7. Acceptance

7.1 Payment of monies, purchase of any Company voucher, 3rd party voucher,  or confirmation of booking, is deemed to be acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all members of any group booked understand and abide by the terms and Conditions of the Company.

8. Multiple Vouchers

8.1 No voucher issued by the Company, or any third party voucher, may be used in conjunction with any other voucher or Special Offer, except with the express consent of the Company in writing.

9. Refunds

9.1 A full refund will be given when more than 7 days notice of cancellation is provided to the Company.

9.2 The deposit amount will be credited to your Formula E account for use at a later date when 3 – 7 days notice of cancellation or change of numbers is provided to the Company.

9.3 If fewer than 48 hours notice of cancellation or change of numbers is provided, or the Customer fails to abide by these Terms and Conditions, or fails to comply with any other requirements specified by the Company, there will be no refund made.

9.4 Should fewer people turn up for your booked event, the Company will refund, at its discretion, up to maximum of 2 persons. Refunds will not be made where numbers are less than the minimum required for that particular event.