Stag and Hen parties

Last night of freedom!

You can be quite sure that an adrenaline filled Go karting experience is the perfect way to begin any stag or hen party. When you combine speed, competition and head-to-head racing with all your best friends you simply cannot go wrong.

Racing in our karts feels pretty damn fast when you are virtually sitting on the ground. This will get you and the guys/gals revved up for a great night on the town and the winner will be bragging about his/her skill and judgement all night!

Stag and hen party package – $70 per person and the stag/hen races for FREE!
(Minimum 10 Drivers + the stag or hen)

  • A1GP Format – which consists of 5 warm up laps, 3 x 10 lap heats and 1 x 15 lap final for the top 10 drivers
  • Alternating grid positions
  • Total time approx 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Free trophy for the winner
  • To add to the humiliation photos from the big day will be all over our Facebook page!
  • Dress up as you wish!
  • No alcohol to be consumed before the event – we take this very seriously
Stag and hen party Auckland

Formula E have teamed up with JK’s world of golf to bring you The double deal!

Book the double deal, and the stag or hen races for FREE and gets three FREE buckets for the stag group (300 balls) at JK’s.

The conditions:

  • Bookings essential
  • The group must visit both JK’s and Formula E in the same day
  • Minimum of 10 paying drivers at Formula E
  • A minimum of 10 buckets must be purchased at JK’s.

Here are a few tips to ensure your Stag and Hen party goes smoothly:

  • Have your race event first thing in the day, to ensure your party guests are still sober
  • No alcoholic drinks may be consumed before your event
  • Ensure everyone knows where the venue is, click here for the map
  • Have your Stag/Hen Party a week or two before the wedding so that the Stag or Hen has time to recover from their big day
  • Abide by rules and guidelines given
Stag and Hen Parties Formula E