Who can race and the rules

Who can race?

Specifically, all drivers must adhere to these limits:

  • Minimum height 145 cm (4ft 9″) and they must be able to operate the foot pedals properly
  • Maximum weight 120kg (264 lbs)
  • Minimum age 12 yrs, unless they have participated in, and competently passed through the Formula E Young Driver Education Programme.

The rules

Any motor racing can be dangerous and this includes karting. Drivers and spectators attend and participate at their own risk. Although we do have a few specific rules, in general, please:

  • Show respect to, and be considerate of others and property
  • Follow the directions of Formula E staff
  • Have fun!

If you abide by the 3 rules above, these rules below will fall into place:

  • No drinking alcohol or taking drugs before racing (12 hours to be safe)
  • You must always wear your seat belt and helmet
  • No deliberate contact
  • No deliberate obstruction
  • No deliberate spinning
  • No driving the wrong way
  • No stopping on the track

If you show ANY evidence of alcohol or drug consumption, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO DRIVE OUR KARTS – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in your removal from the track without refund. This will be at the sole discretion of Formula E staff. Your safety is paramount and Formula E maintains the highest standards.