Our karts

At Formula E Indoor Raceway, we are converted fans of the electric kart!

Why electric? The electric kart has several clear advantages over its fossil-fuelled rivals, including a low environmental impact, absence of noxious exhaust fumes or flammable fuels, and superior performance, which is why we decided that we would use electric karts exclusively at Formula E Indoor Raceway. Our karts are designed and manufactured in Italy by OTL karts.

With 4kw AC electric motors that produce far more torque than other petrol kart engines, our electric karts have superb acceleration out of tight corners; a gas engine can get bogged down, whereas our electric motors are capable of delivering maximum torque instantaneously.

Unlike a gas-powered kart, an electric kart can be programmed to a variety of pre-set speeds to accommodate drivers of varying skill levels. Additionally, our electric karts can be speed reduced while in the pits and can be turned off remotely in the event of an on- track emergency. At Formula E Indoor Raceway, we feel that the electric go kart provides not only a more thrilling indoor karting experience, but also a much safer experience as well. We’re confident that once you see the electric karts in action or experience the rush and excitement that our electric karts have to offer, you’ll agree that electric karts are the only way to go!

Formula E Indoor Raceway

The benefits of electric karts

  • Sustainable technology

    Sustainable technology is not only part of our daily lives, it’s also growing into the entertainment industry. OTL has made sustainable technology its foundation for over 20 years, and this is why we chose their karts

  • Zero Emissions

    OTL Karts are 100% eco-friendly resulting in zero pollution

  • Instant Torque

    Electric powered karts provide an exciting instant torque

  • Family friendly

    Safe and enjoyable environment for the whole family

  • Twin rear hydraulic brakes

    Most other karts run single brakes

  • Automatic deceleration

    Automatic deceleration of motor when brake and gas pedals used at the same time – only electric karts can offer this

  • 3 pre-set speeds

    Beginner, intermediate and advanced – helps less experienced drivers gain experience

  • Adjustable seats

    To accommodate short to tall drivers – all other tracks run non adjustable seats

Our electric karts (OTL EK20) specifications and awesome features:

  • Length: 200cm, width: 143cm – this helps make our karts impossible to flip
  • 32mm in diameter seamless special chromiummolybdenum steel frame
  • 4 x hi-capacity optima AGM batteries – 48V
  • Adjustable caster/camber – gives better steering response
  • Double rear self-ventilated brake discs – most other karts run single discs
  • Differential – we are the only track in NZ running a differential to help make the karts easier to drive
  • Adjustable seat to accommodate short to tall drivers – all other tracks run non adjustable seats
  • AC brushless motor
  • Autonomy: Up to 20 minutes, rapid charge: 5 to 15 minutes
  • Energy recovery under braking
  • Adjustable speed from 0-90 km/h (0-60 mph) – makes the track a safer place to be
  • Forward/reverse/stop run switch – only electric karts can offer this
  • Automatic deceleration of motor when brake and gas pedals used at the same time – again, only electric karts can offer this
  • Pre-equipped for complete radio control system and automatic speed reduction in pits
  • Thermoformed all around high impact polyethylene safety bumper – these eliminate the harsh, bone jarring crashes of steel bumpers