Frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between electric and petrol-powered karts?

The chassis engineering is basically the same with the only difference being the motive force. However these karts are not converted petrol powered karts. They are purpose built and are heavier than petrol powered karts, weighing in at around 220kgs each. This is owing to the extra weight of the 4 batteries used to power the karts but they accelerate harder, smoother and offer more consistent performance than petrol-powered engines. Formula E Indoor Raceway has chosen electric karts because we are acutely aware of our responsibility to our customers, our staff, and to our planet. They are also quieter, produce no fumes, and keep the track cleaner since there is no petrol or oil to leak onto the track.

Are there any driver restrictions?

Yes, there are:

  • No persons we suspect of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be permitted to race
  • No refunds will be given to anyone having paid, and then expecting to drive whilst in breach of this rule
  • No drivers may exceed 120kg – this is a Dept of Labour safety requirement
  • Drivers must be 12 yrs or older, unless they have participated in, and competently passed through the Formula E Young Driver Education Programme
  • All drivers must be at least 145cm tall and able to operate the foot pedals properly

What should I wear?

Drivers should wear comfortable, but not baggy, clothing when you come to race. We pride ourselves on keeping our gear clean and tidy so if you wanted to wear a suit and tie, you could without worry. But being the type of activity this is, we recommend jeans and a comfortable shirt. Closed toe footwear is a must, no jandals. Avoid heels.

Do I need to make a booking?

For groups of 8 or more it is highly recommended that you book a group event; You will not have to wait as long for track time and you will only race with the people in your group. Otherwise anyone can just “Arrive and Drive” and will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Although no booking is required, to avoid waiting too long, it is strongly suggested you phone to ensure the time is available, particularly on weekends.

What is the average lap time?

The fastest ever is 22.966. The average lap time is around 23.8 – 24.8 seconds.

Do you need experience to race the karts?

No racing experience is required. Each driver will be briefed on track safety track rules including flags, signs and kart operation.

Are there special requirements for children?

Our special state-of-the-art karts have adjustable pedals and seats for smaller drivers, however all drivers need to be at least 145cm (4 ft 9 in) tall and the minimum age is 12yrs. If you are coming down to race, you will need to have our minor waiver form signed by your parents or guardian, so bring them with you.

What type of training do customers go through?

Each racer will go through a mandatory safety briefing on the track rules and karts. The briefing will show the purpose and meaning of each flag, safety signs and also how to operate the kart.

How competitive are the karts?

As far as we know, most NZ kart tracks race 6.5 – 9.0 horsepower petrol machines because they are inexpensive. Our karts are the first of a new generation of Indoor Karts in Australasia, rated at 4Kw yet yielding the performance of an 18 horsepower petrol kart. These are definitely not the karts you remember driving in the past. These karts accelerate harder and smoother, produce more consistent lap times, and are more consistent than a “slow” and out of tune petrol kart. Consequently electric kart racing is far more consistent and competitive, allowing those carrying more weight than their competitors to be far less compromised than if they were driving a petrol kart.

How long can the electric karts last?

You can run full power for up to 40 minutes or more, although we limit usage to 10 minutes for more rapid recharging and preserving the life of the batteries.

Does the power slow down during the race session as the battery drains?

A full 48v of power is continuously provided during the race sessions.

Do you have double-rider karts?

No, sorry we do not. All our karts are single rider karts.

What special safety equipment is required?

You will need to wear an approved safety helmet which Formula E Indoor Raceway will supply. A neck brace will also be available. No open toed footwear is allowed, and all long hair must be tied back and secured.

Can I use my own helmet?

Absolutely, but it must be NZ Safety standards approved. If the sticker is missing, you will not be allowed to use the helmet. All helmets must include a visor. Anyone who uses a motocross-style helmet must bring in their own goggles with Lexan (polycarbonate) lenses.

Can I wear my own race suit or gloves?

You are most welcome to bring your own racing gear. However please ensure that it is in good repair, otherwise it may not be permitted for use if it is deemed to be potentially hazardous due to rips, tears, or improper fit.

How many drivers race at a time?

A maximum of 10 drivers are permitted to race at any one time. This makes for better racing, and an overall more enjoyable experience.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept EFTPOS, debit cards, Mastercard, and Visa, and of course, cash as well. No cheques though please unless by prior arrangement.

Is it safe to race if I have a medical condition, a bad back, or am pregnant?

Any time you race it is completely at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you do not race if you have a heart ailment, risk of stroke, epilepsy, bad back, are pregnant, or recently had surgery or a fractured bone. There may be many other conditions not listed here, and we recommend you consult your doctor if you are unsure. We are by no means medical experts, so please do not ask for our opinion.

Can the track marshal really slow me down or stop me from racing in the middle of a session?

Oh yes! Our first priority is driver safety, yours and those around you. If you are unable to control your kart, are overly aggressive, bump other drivers, hit the barriers, block other racers from passing you, or a general on-track nuisance, then the track marshal may slow you down for a lap or two as a warning, send you to the “sin bin” or shut you down and have you escorted from the track if the matter is deemed to be serious or a persistent problem. Our goal is to keep all customers safe and happy, however a complete banishment from racing at Formula E is not out of the question if a customer is unwilling to obey the rules and regulations of racing at Formula E.

How good do you have to be to join a race league?

We are working towards various levels of race league being available. This will permit us to group drivers into their proper levels from novice to elite. You must qualify with appropriate lap times at Formula E in order to race in the elite league, but no qualifying is necessary for the house league programs. Of course, we do reserve the right to exclude those with no driving ability, for the sake of everyone’s safety. Racing clinics are provided by our expert teachers to help you become a better racer, or even to teach you the very basics of driving if that is what you need.

Can the track be rented for a corporate or private function?

Yes certainly. If you are considering this as an option, please be sure to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. You should contact our track or events manager at 09 257-4001 or send an email to for pricing and other special event information. See our Terms and Conditions section for information regarding booking deposits etc.

Why would corporates be interested in your facility?

Corporates are always looking for exciting team-building events and meeting venues. We have designed team-building packages for all skill levels and our comfortable, quiet conference room comes with high-speed wireless internet, white board, a big-screen TV as well as the availability of a data projector and screen complete with connections for your laptop. Catering can also be provided on request.

How many people can your conference room hold?

We have a conference room and a function room that hold up to approx. 50 people each, depending on set-up.

When can I use a voucher?

Promotional vouchers cannot be redeemed on weekends or Public Holidays without the express consent of Formula E, in writing. This DOES NOT APPLY to vouchers purchased directly from Formula E, which conveniently have NO expiry date.